Mie light scattering by a single sphere: Extinction cross section

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Extinction (= light scattering + absorption) cross section of an individual sphere.
For details, see for example V. Myroshnychenko et al., Chem. Soc. Rev. 37, 1792 (2008).

Dielectric function ε(ω)

For Drude:
εb =
ωp (eV) =
ωg (eV) =
η (eV) =

Geometry under consideration

Particle size Radius a (nm) =
Other parameters ωmin(eV) =     ωmax(eV) =
lmax = (maximum orbital momentum no. ≤ 20)
Dielectric function of the environment, ε0 =
Types of resonances included:
    electric only
    magnetic only