Transmission of a graphene extended film supported on a dielectric, including thermal effects
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The transmission is calculated using the p-polarized Fresnel coefficient for supported graphene.
See details of the theory in   F. J. García de Abajo, ACS Photonics 1, 135 (2014).

Substrate ε(ω)

For Drude:
ωp (eV) =
η (eV) =

Geometry under consideration
Geometry under

Graphene parameters Fermi energy EF (eV) =
Relaxation time τ (fs) =
Angle of incidence θ (degrees) =
Temperature range Tmin(eV) =     Tmax(eV) =
Number of T's = *
Photon energy range ℏωmin(eV) =     ℏωmax(eV) =
Number of ω's = *
*Warning: make either the number of T's or the number of ω's equal to 1.