Restrictions on input parameters EDAC

EDAC can be run on-line from this server free of charge. The computation time scales approximately as

T = nemitters nE nscat N2lmax3

with the number of atoms in the cluster N, the scattering order nscat, the number of electron energies nE, the maximum angular momentum quantum number lmax, and the number of emitters nemitters. An extra factor proportional to the number of sublevels must be also taken into account (e.g., 1 for s emission, 3 for p emission, etc.).

In order to ease the computational effort of the server, the following restriction on the input parameters will apply

T < 106

(e.g., the combination nemitters=1, nscat=8, nE=1, lmax=8, and N=15 satisfies this condition).

Also, the total number of emission angles must be smaller than 5000 and the number of energies smaller than 100, unless a passwod is provided (see below).

Larger calculations can be performed on-line by providing a password (this is strictily reserved for members of our group only) or by downloading the EDAC source code. (This latter possibility will be made available in the near future; in that case, the input file can be either constructed by following the specifications provided along with the source code or by clicking on the "Download input file" button at the bottom of the EDAC front page. The latter procedure (recommended) provides the input file corresponding to the parameters currently selected by the user in this web page.)